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A new Staircase or Handrails and Balustrades are the perfect addition or renovation to bring back the classic style of a home or update it to a modern look.

Relax with the knowledge our qualified carpenters will add value to your home with the addition or replacement of structurally superior and visually appealing stairs, handrails and balustrades.

Visually Appealing Stairs, Handrails & Balustrades

Our experts offer a range of superior services catering to your every need including timber balustrade, stairs, staircases, stair stringer and handrails.

Provis also specialises in spiral staircases and glass balustrade construction and renovation. No matter the size of the job we understand your project deserves optimum care and craftsmanship to ensure your expectations are exceeded.


  • Professionalism

    From initial contact through to handover, you can expect Provis' Brisbane stairs & balustrades experts to offer industry leading, professional customer service. Our office staff are trained to assist in almost any enquiry or issue you can imagine, as are our estimators, supervisors and handymen.

  • Top Quality Workmanship

    High quality workmanship is near the top of the list of must-haves, that's why it is number two on this list. Our stairs & balustrade experts are not only top notch, but we actively strive to deliver the best result every time.

  • Readily Accessible Supervisor

    Ever dealt with a contractor where you couldn't speak to someone to get the answers you need? That won't happen with Provis. On every project, you'll enjoy easy access to our carpentry supervisor, either by phone or face-to-face. Any questions regarding your stairs, handrails & balustrades will be answered promptly by the person directly responsible for putting it into action.

  • Unobtrusive Handyman

    We make a conscious effort to stay out of your way. Our stairs & balustrade carpenters aim to remain as inconspicuous and unobtrusive as possible, so your day-to-day life is affected as little as possible. However, if you have a question we'll be at your beck and call.

  • Clean Site

    Have you ever had a carpenter handyman contractor who just had mess everywhere? Provis hates that, so we don't do it. Every Provis stairs & balustrade carpenter project has a designated 'base of operations' that is out of the way and kept neat and tidy. Where some mess has to be made in order to complete the project, the mess is confined to a minimal space and cleaned up daily and on completion.

  • Commencement to Completion

    Not a fan of having contractors for a week, then you don't see them for a month? At Provis, unless you require a broken up timeframe, your stairs, handrail & balustrade project is scheduled to have our carpenters on site throughout the entire project, start to finish.

Stairs Balustrades


Our qualified tradesmen are ready to cater to all your handyman carpentry needs throughout the Brisbane region.

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